Part A: Introduction

Our broad approach

Linking our Annual Plan 2016/17 with our Long-term Plan approach

More people today than at any other time in history have a choice about where they live. That’s why we need to invest in the city.

When we set the strategic direction for Wellington last year during our Long-term plan phase we did so in recognition of the fact that cities compete on the global stage. We compete with other city regions to attract people, students, jobs, ideas, businesses, trade and investment.

Other cities invest in their offering, and without ongoing investment and improvements to the city we lose our comparative advantage as an attractive place to live, work, do business and have a high quality of life.

Broad approach of the 10-year-plan

Though Wellington offers outstanding quality of life, its economy has considerable untapped potential. A stronger economy means jobs, prosperity and more opportunities for all Wellington residents. Economic growth is about:

Areas of focus for year two of the Long-term Plan

In our Long-term plan we budgeted for essential services for the city such as water supply, drainage, waste, parks and gardens, libraries, pools, sportsfields, recreation centres, streets and social housing. And this year, we will continue these investments in the Annual plan.

In addition to doing the basics well, areas of focus for year two include: