Part B: Our work in detail

Statements of service provision

These outcomes below guide our activities. We’re looking to develop greater linkages between these outcomes and our seven activity areas. We have also started to identify outcome measures and indicators and over the next few years we will progressively introduce a performance framework to allow us to track progress against these outcomes.

Our outcomes and objectives are structured around the seven activity areas against which we measure our performance. These activities are:

Governance – delivering trust and confidence in decision-making
Environment – protecting and enhancing Wellington’s environment
Economic development – promoting the city’s competitive advantages in order to enhance quality of life
Cultural wellbeing – reflecting and shaping Wellington’s unique cultural identity
Social and recreation – sustaining safe, resilient and healthy communities
Urban development – preserving Wellington as a compact, vibrant and attractive city, now and into the future
Transport – delivering an efficient and safe transport system that connects people and places

In the following pages we explain what is proposed in 2016/17 for each activity area in terms of: